For Volumnia, a platform for art and design situated in the cavernous interior of a former church in the heart of Piacenza, Space Caviar designed a display system for the presentation of design pieces, temporary exhibitions and artworks. With roots in the renaissance, the Chiesa di Sant’Agostino is a monumental and awe-inspiring space steeped in history, with rows of columns that spring dozens of meters into the air.

/ Display System


For Volumnia, we proposed a modular, easily reconfigurable display system made of pink foam that could be repurposed for different exhibitions. This foam is traditionally used in architectural offices to model and mass buildings and references the way in which objects like the design works presented are protected in their transportation.

Study collage for pedestal design (Space Caviar, 2018)

The display system superimposes a modular geometric pattern onto the church’s elaborate interior, allowing it to be activated in a variety of ways for different purposes.

Installation View – Volumnia Opening, Piacenza (October 2018)

Different surface materials, including glass, mirror and steel plates can be interchanged to give each exhibition or display its own identity.

Installation View – Design Week: Gabriella Crespi (April 2019)

/ Volumnia Opening (October 2018)


/ Design Week: Gabriella Crespi (April 2019)



Design team:
Space Caviar (Joseph Grima, Sofia Pia Belenky)

Lighting Design:
Davide Groppi

Volumnia Space
Creative Direction:
Studio Vedet

Photography :
Delfino Sisto Legnani